Iran crushes Saudi Arabia in Thailand’s Futsal Tournament

Iran’s Futsal national team started the NFDF Futsal Championship Pattaya Thailand 2023 with a crushing win against Saudi Arabia this evening.

lead by head coach  Vahid Shamsaei,  Iran defeated the Saudi team 11-0.

After losing the Asian Cup title to Japan, this tournament is the first opportunity to test new players, and in the first step, the players easily defeated the Saudi team, which was one of the surprises in the AFC Asian Cup in Kuwait. Saudi Arabia managed to defeat Japan in the championship. Iran scorers were Hossein Tayyebi and Hamzah Kodkhodaei (three goals each), Saeed Mambini, Saeed Ahmad Abbasi, Mojtabi Parsapour, Salar Aghapour, and Moslim Oladaghbad

The first half of this match ended 3-0 with goals by Hossein Tayibi, Hamzeh Kodkhodaei, and Saeed Membini. While it was expected that Saudi Arabia with its Spanish head coach would put more pressure on Iran in the second half to get back in the match, this did not materialize and the second 20 minutes of the game was completely one-sided in favor of Shamsaei’s men with Saudi Arabia players barely entering the penalty area of Iran’s team.

In the second half, Saudi Arabia’s goal was opened by Hossein Tayyebi (2 goals), Hamzah Kodkhodaei (2 goals), Saeed Ahmad Abbasi, Mojtaba Parsapour, Salar Aghapour, and Muslim Oladaghbad, for the match to end 11-0.  It was a devasting result for the Saudi team which is laying claims to be one f the best teams in Asia. Iran is in the second group of this tournament with Saudi Arabia and Egypt and will face Egypt in the second game at noon on Friday. Japan, Thailand, and Mozambique are present in the other group of this competition which will be held in Pattaya. Mehdi Taj and Ehsan Usoli, the president and spokesperson of the Football Federation, have traveled to Thailand to accompany the team.