Taremi: “Iran’s infrastructure deficiency a hurdle to lifting titles”

Iran’s national football team, represented by Mehdi Taremi, the esteemed striker, voiced poignant reflections following their commanding 5-0 triumph over Turkmenistan. Taremi remarked, “We’ve lacked the necessary infrastructure to ascend to championship levels. Iranian football appears to be regressing.”

In the aftermath of their resounding victory, Taremi elaborated on the match’s dynamics, stating, “It was a highly satisfying game. Our performance reflected our ability to create numerous goal-scoring opportunities throughout both halves. We could have easily netted more goals, underscoring our determination to delight our fans.”
Expressing gratitude to the fervent supporters at Azadi Stadium, he added, “The unwavering support from our fans served as a driving force, spurring us to elevate our game.”

Responding to expectations regarding World Cup qualification and progression from the group stages, Taremi adopted a pragmatic outlook, remarking, “In football, especially at this level, nothing is guaranteed. The influx of new players adds complexity to our preparations, presenting formidable challenges. Qualification is a step-by-step process, and our focus remains on delivering our best performances in each game.”

Assuming the role of captain against Turkmenistan, Taremi underscored the team’s collective journey, stating, “We’re a cohesive unit, having embarked on this journey with Team Melli together. As elder statesmen within the team, we aim to foster unity and success, striving to bring joy to our supporters.”

Addressing the inclusion of young talents in the national squad, Taremi acknowledged the inevitable learning curve, noting, “Our young players possess immense potential, albeit with some inconsistencies in training, which is normal. The coaching staff meticulously selects players based on their capabilities, recognizing their potential contributions.”

Reflecting on past disappointments, particularly the AFC Asian Cup 2023 semi-final loss to Qatar, Taremi emphasized a forward-looking mentality, asserting, “I prefer not to dwell on past setbacks. Our focus is solely on upcoming challenges and striving for continuous improvement.”

Expressing gratitude for the robust fan turnout despite adverse weather conditions, Taremi acknowledged the competitive landscape in football, stating, “Today’s matches in the qualifying rounds of FIFA World Cup in Asia, demonstrated the unpredictability of football, even against perceived weaker opponents. We must consistently give our best effort, recognizing the evolving nature of the sport.”

Regarding facilities and support for Iranian football, Taremi highlighted existing shortcomings, stating, “Our facilities have not been conducive to achieving championship glory, contributing to lowered expectations. Sustainable success necessitates more than passion and resilience; it requires structured development, financial backing, and effective administration. We possess the potential; now, we require comprehensive solutions to propel Iranian football to greater heights.”