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Payam Sadeghian slapped with a career ending ban.

The former Persepolis and Team Melli midfielder has been banned from all football activities for 15 years.

Payam Sadeghian, the 27 years old player was considered as one of the best talents in Iranian football with a bright future when he emerged in Iran age groups team. His natural talent and skills were marred by equally destructive behaviour, controversy and indiscipline.

 According to the Mehr News reporter, Sadeghian was sentenced to this extremely long ban as a result of the establishment and operation of betting agencies in the field of football. According to the ruling by the disciplinary committee of the FFIRI, the former midfielder , who was born in Tabriz, is not allowed to attend any football matches in any capacity (even as a spectator) during his ban.

Sadeghian started his professional career in Zob Ahan before moving to Persepolis, then Naft Tehran, Saba Qom, Machinesazi, Turkish club Osmanlispor and now playing with Sepidrood Rasht.

Sadeghian is one of the very few Iranian players that have represented Team Melli in every age group, U14, U17, U20 , U23 (Omid) and also played 5 matches for Team Melli.

Daei scathing attack on Iran’s football regulations


The peculiar and unique regulations of some of the football laws in Iran, has resulted in a scathing criticism by the outspoken Ali Daei.

The ex-Team Melli captain and the world’s top international goal scoring record holder is currently the head coach of Saba Qom. In his short tenure with Saba , he has masterfully managed to create a solid team that has been climbing up the league table all the way as high as number 3.

Ali Daei was furious after the federation has ruled against Saba Qom using Farid Karimi in the match against Malavan Anzali and the forthcoming top of the table clash against Esteghlal Tehran. Karimi was undergoing the mandatory 2 years Military Service. During this time, Tractorasazi , managed to secure his services as a football player The team from Tabriz is among the few authorized clubs in Iran who are allowed to register  players during their 2 years’ service while they are denied the chance of playing for their team. Karimi has finished his Military Service in September and as such he should have been released to his original club, Saba Qom.  Tractorsazi , however, did not release Karimi until November!

Daei questioned several acts of injustice,  according to him , that resulted in his team being knocked out of the Hazfi cup. “In which system would you find a player that belongs to the club, who has been promoted through the ranks of the club, and gets his wages from the club, conveniently turns up for the opposition and plays  in an important game in a cup competition ? ”  Daei said in a pre- match press conference today.

“Mr. Hassanzadeh, the head of the Disciplinary committee, claims that in certain cases his committee has the right to arbitrate. I want to ask him, on what basis he intervenes and approves a sanction against my player, while the law very clear states that as soon as the player has finished his service, he is free to play with his club. What part of this law is confusing to Hassanzadeh in order for him to intervene and issue a contradicting order?”

“This system of playing for a military Club is unique to Iran and quite unfair.” Daei added.

Ali Daei , is part of increasingly large number of footballers, coaches and administrators who are critical of this system of Military teams getting unfair advantage by using players of other teams. However, only a few have been  vocal about it, Ali Daei being one of them. The ex-Persepolis and Bayern Munich players is one important personality in Iran’s football whose words can make a difference.

In the Persian Gulf League , Saba Qom is currently lying fourth in the table with 25 points. Daei’s team will be facing Esteghlal Tehran lying second with 27 points on Thursday.