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Team Melli Head Coach

Queiroz defends his selection

Portuguese head coach Queiroz left Persepolis captain Seyyed Jalal Hosseini and Esteghlal winger Vouria Ghaffouri out of his squad for next month’s FIFA World Cup, insisting before squad travel to Istanbul, that the decisions were purely based on tactical issues.

“We have to call only 23 players in our final list and we could not do anything else because of the rules and logistical issues,” Queiroz said in response to criticism and then talked about the important players who have no place in his squad.

Referring to Jalal Hosseini, Queiroz said: “I respect Jalal with all my heart, but this respect should be for the next generation of Iranian football as well. We need a younger Team Melli for the upcoming events and we have to move forward. I emphasize that Seyyed Jalal will remain on our waiting list and will join Team Melli if we need him.”

When asked about Vouria Ghaffouri, the coach answered: “I needed a solid right fullback in the national team, but at his club Esteghlal he was used as a right midfielder or winger, with the decision of head coach Winfried Schaefer. I have no idea why Mr. Schaefer was surprised by seeing Vouria is not in the squad. I don’t know why he’d say that. Mr. Schaefer does not believe in Vouria as a right back and has changed the player’s position.”

Queiroz’s reasoning has not convinced many experts with some accusing him of creating tension as result of his not-so-cordial relations  with the coaches of both clubs.

Team Melli travelled to Istanbul on Monday to hold a training camp in the European country. The Persians will face Turkey football team on May 29 in a friendly match as part of preparation for the 2018 World Cup.

Iran have been drawn in Group B of the 2018 World Cup along with Morocco, Spain and Portugal.

Sharoukhi ” Queiroz contract negotiation is turning into the Pythagorean Theorem”

Former national team coach believes the foundation of our football is in the hands of people who are alien to the sport. “That is the reason behind so much stuttering , delays and failures to complete simple tasks. At the end, it is our football that will suffer and ultimately it is our football that will be compromised.” Homayoun Shahrokhi said in a short interview with Khabar Varzeshi on Wednesday.

Shahrokhi was coach of Team Melli in 2003. While he was appointed as the Manager of Team Melli during the reign of Ivankovic including the World Cup 2006.

Q: Negotiations with Queiroz has protracted and it is taking far too long. What is your opinion in this matter?

This issue has turned into a joke, in the style of the classic Persian humor. Today, when you mention Team Melli and the coaching situation to any layman, he will only smile at you. When decision making people are alien to football, you should expect these things to occur. Once a coach is selected, it is the easiest job to put pen on paper to finalize the contract. Somehow this contract negotiation is turning into the Pythagorean Theorem. This is a sign of ill-preparation, and poor decision making by football federation officials. There could be some doubts and hesitancy and I suspect conflicting ideas and outside interference as well”.


Q: “What are the prospects for the upcoming and important AFC Asian Cup 2015 under such circumstances?”

“Since these gentlemen really hyped Team Melli during the World Cup, naturally the expectation of the fans has gone way up the scale. That expectation is a heavy burden on the shoulder of any coach.

However, if they eventually manage to get Querioz onboard and he continues as Team Melli coach, they already have two scenarios for him. If he wins the title, then he will be portrayed as a great coach . If he doesn’t and/or the results are poor, they will probably use the same old cliché, late preparation, time pressure, lack of resources and all those excuses that we have been accustomed to here in Iran.”