Skočić, orders his staff to stop working.

In another regrettable development, the Croatian head coach of Team Melli suspended all the tasks relating to the national team’s preparations for the upcoming training camp following the publication of news about the federation’s desire to appoint Carlos Queiroz.

According to Isna, Dragan Skočić, ordered the suspension of the national team’s technical staff’s various tasks after the recent events regarding the possibility of a change of coach of the Iran national team! After Mehdi Taj’s statements today regarding the positive progress negotiations with Carlos Queiroz and various rumors about the board’s approval to negotiate with the former Portuguese head coach.

Skočić, ordered his colleagues to stop analyzing the matches of the national teams. Hamid Estili, the manager of the national team, sent an article to the media in which he summarizes by stating: “I was working with Mr. Skocic until noon. We have a coach under contract and then you make these sorts of statements regarding a replacement; this is neither a professional nor ethical act. Skočić, was next to me and I could not help watching his agony. This is not fair at all.”

Estili went on to complain about the actions of the Football Federation, announcing that Skocic was aware of the current incident and said: “Today he stopped all the tasks! His assistants were busy working on opposition analysis, player monitoring, and other affairs but the work is stopped now. Also, after these events,

Skočić took the initiative and deleted the title “Iranian national team head coach” from his social media page on Instagram to perhaps prepare for his displeasure as a result of the recent events.