Dragan Skočić responds to Taj albeit briefly!

A few minutes ago, Team Melli’s former head coach published a post critical of Mehdi Taj and his associate Mehdi Mohammadnabi, which he deleted after a short time. According to Isna, after the return of the Iranian national football team from the World Cup, and failure to qualify from a group, a feat which was quite possible for Iran to advance to the knockout stages, Mehdi Mohammadnabi, the manager and Markar Aghajanian, Queiroz’s assistant, talked about the circumstances yesterday.

In that interview, both criticized the team during Skocic’s era and blamed the head coach, without naming him for Team Melli’s player’s disunity and disagreement!!

While MohammadNabi is a political appointee and an extension of the regime, planted in the FFIRI and Team Melli in particular (his attire and looks give it away immediately), he has the motive to blame this failure on the previous coach and management. However, it was quite surprising that a respectable character and coach Markar Aghajanian joined this bandwagon!!!  Aghajanian is a football personality, he played and coached in addition to being an analyst and advisor. Unlike Mohhamdnabi, he has a footballing pedigree.

Neither Mohammadnabi nor Aghajanian were part of the Team Melli structure in the camp in Doha for their views to be taken seriously. All they are doing is manipulating the views of several anti-Skocic players to use for their own advantage. It is a sick game that is being repeatedly played in Iran’s football circles. It is intensified now that the regime is facing massive protests all across the country. For the record, Carlos Queiroz is handpicked regime head coach.  The regime is also controlling FFIRI.

The Croatian coach responded to them in a post he published on Instagram and Facebook. Dragan Skočić called the results of the national team a failure and attacked Taj and Nabi in the article he published on his social pages. It is unclear why Skocic deleted the post because facts do not lie and will remain for generations. It supports his status and achievements in Team Melli. Under the Croatian, Team Melli was revitalized and brought from the dead to head of the group and qualify for the finals of the World Cup in record time with three matches to spare. Under Taj and Queiroz, Iran was beaten 6-2, the worst result in it history of Iran in the world cup, and then failed to even draw with the USA to qualify due to the expired tactics of Queiroz.

So, to cover for their failures in Doha, this Mohammadnabi starts to blame some players in Team Melli and the previous regime in a cowardly and shameless act.