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Profile: Bivak JEDIKAR, #0
An Iranian football who many consider as being the best left-footed player in the history of Iran football.

His elder brother was Asghar Jedikar, a renowned right back who happened to play football at Taj. Bivak started his career as a goalkeeper before the exceptional power of his left foot was discovered by coach and scout Ali Danaeifar and switched to positions such as left-wing and forward.

At the age of 17 he was selected for Tehran XI.

Jedikar scored most of his goals with powerful shots by his left foot, he became known as the (golden lefty). Jadikar was one of the first football legionnaires of Iran who started playing for the Tehranjavan team under the supervision of the late Hossein Fakhri.

The first edition of the Asian Games was held in New Delhi in early March 1951. In the presence of more experienced forwards such as Parviz Kozekanani, Nader Afshar Alvinejad, and most importantly, the star of Iranian football at that time, Amir Masoud Broumand, the young Jedikar. He was not invited to Team Melli and unfortunately lost the chance of the first honor in the history of Iranian football, which was winning the silver medal in the first edition of the Asian Games.

A few months later, Jedikar was invited to the national team for the first time, and he played not only in Team Melli but also played for Tehran Select Teams and the Iranian Army team.

His first "official national game" was in April 1952 in a friendly match against Pakistan. The last time Jadikar played for Team Melli was in 1962, in a friendly against Iraq.

One of his several memorable achievements was when he faced the greatest goalkeeper in history, the Russian Lev Yashin. CSKA Moscow was visiting Iran for a friendly match. Yashin, the legendary keeper of CSKA Moscow has already claimed that “no one can score against me in Iran”. This was the motivation for Jedikar whose team was facing the Soviet champions. Jedikar was the left winger, and he stunned Yashin with a fierce left-foot strike into the net. The stadium, already hyped, erupted.
Not only did Iran Select score against the greatest goalkeeper in the world, Akbar Eftekhari, the left-foot winger, also scored a goal against Yashin.

In 1957, he transferred to Viktoria 89 Berlin on a three-year contract with a 1500 Deutschmarks a month salary, however, his time in Germany was shortened when his father died, so after only 9 months Jeddikar returned to Iran to resume his career with Taj SC (currently Esteghlal).

Jedikar died on 17th Dec 2013 after a long illness suffering from Alzheimer. He was 84.





International Debut:
Pakistan 02.Apr.1952



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Season Openin. Subst. Caps. Goals Yellows Reds
1952 1 0 1 0 0 0
1958 1 0 1 0 0 0
1962 1 0 1 0 0 0
Total 3 0 3 0 0 0
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Latest opening squad appearances (max.10)
01.06.1962 Friendly H Iraq 1 - 1
26.05.1958 Asian Games N Israel 0 - 4
02.04.1952 Friendly A Pakistan 0 - 0
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