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 We are grateful for the contribution of the following honorable gentlemen who assisted in providing data, historic information , archive materials, editorial assistance, web design, database maintenance and other forms of help.

In recognitions of their help , we wish to mention them in the credit lists.

Contributors list

  • Houman Mazaheri
  • Hyung-Jin Yoon
  • Javad Khiabani
  • Jean-Michel Cazal
  • Jose Luis Pierrend
  • Kamran Delan
  • Karel Stokkermans
  • Markku Kasila
  • Mehdi Zare
  • Mohammad Babaei
  • Mohammed Chbaro
  • Seungsoo Lee
  • Shahin Rahmani
  • Sivaush Randjbar-Daemi
  • Soheil Manhoobi
  • Yaniv Bleicher