Mehdi Rajabzadeh
        Emarat (UAE)





         67 kg

        Qatar 18.Feb.04

   Zob Ahan   
   Jam Shiraz   

   Fajr Sepasi




Mehdi Rajabzadeh


Mehdi Rajabzadeh : Has been one of the best players in Zob Ahan team for the last couple of seasons. Made his debut as substitute during the campaign for World cup Germany 2006 in the match against Qatar  .

Rajabzadeh is considered one of the best performers in the league. His goals and assists kept his club Zob Ahan at or near the top of the league before they finally faltered neat the end of the season.








  Season   Club Games Goals
active in this season 07/08 United Arab Emirates Emarat 20 6
active in this season 06/07 Iran Zob Ahan Isfahan 30 17
active in this season 05/06 Iran Zob Ahan Isfahan 29 14
active in this season 04/05 Iran Zob Ahan Isfahan 0 0
active in this season 03/04 Iran Zob Ahan Isfahan 21 9
  02/03 Iran Fajr Sepasi Shiraz 0 0
  01/02 Iran Fajr Sepasi Shiraz 0 0
  00/01 Iran Fajr Sepasi Shiraz 0 0



Data current up to Wednesday February 09, 2011

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