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Qatar teaches Iran a lesson in football.

They might have failed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2018 but off the field, Qatar is showing Iran how to manage their football affairs in a professional, honorable and shrewd manner.

Winning the hosting of the next FIFA World cup in 2022 speaks volumes about the abilities and management talent of the Qataris. Creating a highly successful Professional League, not just by name, is another milestone that is exemplary for a tiny nation with barely 2 million in population.

The facilities, stadia and the resources are another source for pride for nation that had no real organized football before 1969.

And now, Qatar is showing Iran how to deal with foes (Saudi Arabia and UAE) the two neighbors who have tried everything conceivable including deception, fabrication of facts, and cheating to isolate Qatar and label it as unsafe country harboring terrorist , subsequently by refusing to play in Qatar.

Today, as reported by Al Kass TV channel, Mohammed Al Alnsari , the secretary general of the Qatar Football Association QFA , reiterated his federations stand and insisted that his country will never accept political interference in football. He dismissed the false claims and the threats by Saudi Arabia and UAE to boycott Qatar by refusing to play in Doha.” We refuse to go to any third country to play our football. It is our legitimate right to play at home. Qatar is a very safe and peaceful place and we will not succumb to threats nor intimidation.”

Indeed strong words and a lesson for the Iranian football federation leaders , the likes of Mehdi Taj and Ali Kaffashian the two collaborators who have consistently failed to protect Iranian clubs interests. It was only a few weeks ago when Taj claimed that the AFC has agreed to Iran’s demands for Saudi teams to play in Iran. It turned out to be all a false claim. Taj’s lack of allies, poor representation and crude public relation in the AFC corridor of power has let down the country. He has been weak and incapable, like his predecessor Kaffashian, to defend the honor of the country and its football against the Saudis, while a country a fraction the size of Iran such as Qatar, steadfastly stands firm and protects its rights against threat and bullying.

IRIFF and Taj, would do well getting private tuition in the QFA headquarters in Doha

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