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Queiroz “I am thinking of starting a public funding for Team Melli”

Queiroz: Qualification Celebrations should be for others / accusation of collusion is dirty and cowardly 

Team Melli head coach says that “the bad  and rough behavior of the Syrian players in the last game will inspire the national team with a motivated desire to defeat them in Azadi stadium.”

According to ISNA, Team Melli head coach Carlos Queiroz was talking to the press while  supervising the Team’s Practice session today (Sunday) and particularly about the match against Syria “The results and numbers are reflections of  Syria’s good performance in the World Cup qualifiers. Syria is in third place in the ranking table, which surprised everyone with such results. We are alert and ready to defeat this team.”

He continued, “The Syrians’ behavior in the previous game gives us a lot of motivation to appear with full strength in front of them. They did not behave well in that game and were quite rough and sometimes violent.”

The coach continued to talk about records: “These records were important because we had good performances on the pitch and that’s why we achieved some records, but we do not start the game, to get a special result that we already had in our minds. Only our effort in the ground is those necessary to get the result, but if we keep our goal clean, we will have a good record for the national team and supporters.”

He also explained the frustration of the Team Melli players and the level of protest because their efforts were overlooked by the administrators of the federation: “This is not about our last match, but about issues that have been going on for months. What happened yesterday (Saturday) at the airport is an example that we have been repeatedly mentioning for six, seven years now, but it keeps repeating; it is not a good surrounding to interview in the middle of crowds at the airport with other passengers and airport staff, there should be a special dedicated place for that, yet it’s still the same old as we have seen yesterday.”

He added: “Unfortunately, after seven years we again saw that there was no professional behavior and lack of organization yesterday. We were on the same exit side as the passengers in the baggage carousel while the reporters were roaming around for interviews. It was not the appropriate place to conduct an interview. Yesterday’s events indicate that things are going wrong again. This sort of things happens even after seven years and the achievements that we have attained, represents the gap between the authorities and the national team.”

Commenting on the friendly game versus Russia “Playing with Russia is the result of my own personal contacts and my efforts,” said Queiroz, pointing out that he needs to play friendly matches in order to prepare for the World Cup. “We were supposed to have another friendly game a couple of days before the match with Russia, but the Football Association announced that the game was canceled due to financial problems.”

Queiroz then said “ I will try to create a bank account so that we can manage the preparation of the national team through popular donations by the fans. This federation always lacks money”

Carlos Queiroz, criticizing some of the media, said: “a newspaper that always critical of our work but it’s interesting that their reporters do not even attend the national team’s training sessions (…), they try to undermine the spirit of our players’ and question the work of the players and technical staff in order to give us some moral lessons. They should know that they are not in a position to give us moral lessons. I think it’s better for the media to do their job and prevent the threats that players make, and let them do their job.”

The head coach commented on some media reports of possible collusion between Iran and Syria: “These are so dirty and cowardly accusation which is only aimed at questioning Iran’s extraordinary achievement in the competition. My advice to the media is to focus on helping prepare the national team so that we can continue our success. As long as I wear the shirt of this country, and even as long as I live, I will call Iran “my country,” and I also ask you to “support my country” to qualify to the World Cup and then to support it.”

Carlos Queiroz said about the ceremony celebrating the national Team qualification to the FIFA World Cup 2018 after the Iran-Syria game, said: “The arrangement of any such ceremony is the specialty of the Football Federation and its officials. We will do just our work on the pitch, then go home and go to our friends and family. Celebrations is for others. It is a good opportunity for you to use the photos and videos of this celebration.”

At the conclusion of the interview, Queiroz did not comment on the journalist’s question that Massoud Shojaei was not invited to the national team, “I thought you wanted to talk about Javad Nekounam and him not accompanying the national team , and ask a question why?. I think that the failure to pay seven months of Javad Nekounam’s wages might have caused his absence.”

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