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The coach and IRIFF failure is so evident.

In the post match press conference in Inchon, Amir Hossein Peyrovani has accepted the responsibility for Iran U-21 team elimination from the FIFA U -20 World Cup. The coach has diverted some of the blame on the federation (IRIFF) for lack of preparation and said that ” I always manifested that a team that needs to compete at the highest level, must have the highest preparation which was not the case with us and I said that before the beginning of the tournament”

Peyrovani also moaned about lack of experience of his players (…) . When asked about the mistakes of his goalkeepers which has cost the team dearly, Peyrovani simply said that mistakes are part of the game!

The accountability and responsibility for the elimination of the team is very much on the shoulders of Peyrovani in the first place.  His failure to read the game and organize his team losing two matches after leading was the catalyst for failure. It was not the lack of experience of the players that he claimed as one of the reasons for his teams defeats, it was more like lack of his own experience and coaching at the highest level of football. All the teams in this competition have lack of experience, it is , after all, the 20 Years age group.

A look at Peyrovani’s CV indicates that he never even coached a top club in Iran nor did he stay at any job for a long period of time to settle and learn. However, the IRIFF which is not strange to haphazard decision-making and chaotic appointments, have seen in this coach the qualities that could  lead this young and talented team in the FIFA U-21 World Cup ! How wrong were they …

Not only Peyrovani was never at such class, but those who have appointed him must also leave the federation and give the control of running this job to professionals and competent administrators and experts who can select quality and experienced coaches who are skilled and competent to coach the young national teams..

Amir Hossein Peyrovani Coaching career.


2005−2006 Sorkhpoushan
2007−2008 Damash Tehran
2008 Aboumoslem (assistant)
2008 Aboumoslem
2009 Saipa (assistant)
2009−2010 Iran U-23 (assistant)
2011 Gohar Zagros (assistant)
2014– Iran U20

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