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Azmoun and the English Premiere League, will it work?

Sardar Azmoun scored a brilliant goal against Bayern Munich in the Champions League last night, his second in the competition after the one against Atletico Madrid in an earlier round. Sardar Azmoun is top scorer of Team Melli and a true potential of being one of the greatest Iranian player in the history like his idol Ali Daei. He has done his reputation a world of good by scoring against the 5 time European Champions to rekindle the calls and the pressure on him to join one of the big names of European football. Liverpool seems to be the main suitor.

Sardar Azmoun has many admirers not just Liverpool FC, Since Farhad Moshiri, the British-Iranian businessman has bought majority interest in Everton, he has also shown serious interest in his compatriot. Sardar Azmoun has many admirers in the Bundesliga as well.

Saying all that, the biggest mistake of Sardar’s career would be to move to the English Premiere league, which has been the graveyard of so many promising young players and famous players too.  Chances of a 21 years old Iranian forward breaking into a team in the premiere league is quite a long shot. Despite the global appeal of the English PL, it is not highly rated in terms in producing and nourishing talents and in tactical value. The English style of play depends on stamina and strong physical attributes of players. A player is judged upon much he runs in the field and how much he tackles. Individual talents and other attributes come distant second. Not many leagues or football styles are played in the old British style and not many players can adept to it. Even some established professional footballers from other leagues have struggled.


Sardar Azmoun has many excellent attributes for a player at his age. His heading ability is second to none, he jumps high and he has no fear tackling defenders much stronger than him while going for headers. He has a fantastic ability in turning in small circles and beating defenders and leaving them chasing his shadow. Best of the lot , though is…He scores.

However, Azmoun comes from a football background where pace has never been its greatest attributes. The talent of the young man from Gonbad Kavos is undeniable but running for 90 minutes like he is expected to do in England, is not his strongest points. His stamina falls short of 90 minutes or beyond.

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Of course there is always hope that Sardar might hit the bullseyes since the English Football is slowly being transformed from that mad pace into a more tactical and beautiful easy on the eyes style of  the European coaches which the likes of Arsene Wenger , Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have applied. However, the chances for Sardar are not so great and bench-warming will probably kill his career or at least delay his exceptional progress for years. For him to break into the league where the likes of Radamel Falcao , the young Paul Pogba , Pedro , and currently Sturridge have struggled , he really has to show some exceptional ability and work hard which might be beyond the physical mental and emotional ability of the young man.

 FC Rostov is a very cozy place for him right now. Perhaps in a year or so , the Bundesliga would suite his style, but the lure of the Sterling might be too attractive to ignore but detrimental to his career.

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