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Continental Beach Soccer Tournament Ordos 2016

Iran beach soccer defeats Egypt in Intercontinental Cup.

Iran’s Beach Soccer team defeated Egypt 4-1 in the second match of SAMSUNG BEACH SOCCER INTERCONTINENTAL CUP DUBAI 2016. The win is the second in as many matches for Team Melli after the opener win against USA 6-2.

Mohammad Ahmadzadeh and Moslem Mesigar scored two goals each against the African champions.

Iran will meet the Powerful Russian team in the final group match to decide the winner of the group. 

8pm (local time GMT +4) : Iran v Russia (Group B)





COACH: Mohammad Hossein Mirshamsi
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
Seyedpeyman Hosseinilargani P. HOSSEINII Goalkeeper 15 Feb 1984
Amir Hosein Akbari Fartkhouni A. AKBARI Defender 25 Jan 1995
Hassan Abdollahi Mobarhan H. ABDOLLAHI Defender 11 Sep 1984
Mehdi Hassaninozari M. HASSANI Defender 29 Apr 1983
Ali Naderi Hosseinabadi A. NADERI Defender 30 Apr 1980
Mostafa Kiani Harchegani M. KIANI Defender 23 Aug 1985
Mehran Morshedi Zadeh M. MORSHEDIZADH Forward 03 Jun 1990
Farid Boulokbashi F. BOULOKBASHI Forward 08 Jun 1983
Mohammadali Mokhtari Hassanabad M. MOKHTARI Forward 04 Jul 1990
Moslem Mesigar M. MESIGAR Forward 17 Sep 1984
Mohammad Ahmadzadeh M. AHMADZADEH Forward 25 Nov 1986
Mohammad Reza Hajipourhajidavalou M. HAJIPOUR Goalkeeper 01 Jan 1985
Mahdi Bahrololoom M. BAHROLOLOOM Goalkeeper 18 Apr 1980
Faroogh Dara F. DARA Defender 21 Nov 1983
Shahriar Mohzdeh S. MOHZDEH Forward 21 Mar 1987
Ali Hamedi A. HAMEDI Forward 21 Sep 1985
Hamid Behzadpour H. BEHZADPOUR Goalkeeper 31 May 1987
Amirhosein Akbari Fartkhouni A. AKBARI Defender 26 Jan 1992
Seyed Ali Nazem A. NAZEM Defender 14 Apr 1993
Mohammad Moradi Farahabadi M. MORADI Midfielder 31 Aug 1996

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