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What is Queiroz’s game?

The differences between Kaffashian and Queiroz statements and outlooks seem to be as diverse as the North and South Pole. Each one come with statements contradicting the other, each has his own outlook and thus the drama continues.

Carlos Queiroz is adamant that he wants to leave and cannot stand working with the FFIRI.

For Ali Kaffashian, everything is hanky dory and Queiroz is still Team Melli coach as far as he is concerned. Things are so normal that they would be discussing the friendly games arrangements with the Portuguese coach, starting with Uzbekistan game, as soon as possible, according to the FFIRI boss.

Carlos Queiroz wants to end the contract amicably, which translates to “No financial penalties” , Ali Kaffashian is delirious because even the Ministry of Youth & Sports has decided to support the coach, so , Queiroz is going nowhere anytime soon!

Carlos Queiroz feels that he is being held hostage by Kaffashian and FFIRI because they do not want to release him. Kaffashian says there is a mutual binding contract signed between the two parties that they all must respect. FFIRI is happy with Queiroz and there is reason for him to leave and neither did they ask Queiroz to go.

In public, each side is defending his stand by selective presentation of facts. There is no doubt that both have valid points in their favor. Taking side with one is certainly not wise as each side seems to have justified grievances while at the same time; they both have failings and deficiencies.

It is quite difficult for any intelligent person to believe Carlos Queiroz’s justifications for wanting to leave, such as lack of resources, poor support for Team Melli, and hostilities of some FFIRI personnel.  Queiroz has spent 4 years in Iran and has pretty much faced all sort of hardship which a professional coach of his caliber is not used to. At some stage he decided that he will no extend his contract and just before the World Cup 2014 , he made his intention public adding it with a lot of insulting remarks for the country and the football officials. He said that he had enough and he is not returning back to Iran because of the very same problems that he is repeating now.

Why did he come back and extended his contract? Surely, he cannot be that naïve to believe that a mighty transformation has occurred in FFIRI?  Surely he didn’t think Kaffashian is creating miracles now ?

On the other hand, the FFIRI and Ali Kaffashian have proven beyond any shadow of doubt that their performance and delivery at best , falls well short of a professionally run organization. To add to this chaotic maladministration, the lack of money and failure to market football to generate an alternative source of revenue made their work even more challenging and most importantly made FFIRI exclusively dependent on Government handout. FFIRI , is not an organized entity and to be fair , it is not entirely their fault either.

Why Queiroz wants to leave now, if he really is genuine in that, is certainly an interesting tale. He knows that he is quite popular with the fans , he knows that Kaffashian and his FFIRI has supported him and will continue to  like no other Team Melli coach in the history , he knows that his job is quite safe and secure until the World Cup 2018, yet he wants out!

The man from Portugal has given the Iranians ample lessons and lectures about everything in life while liberally insulting his adversaries and being rude, disrespectful and discourteous even to the journalist who dared question his might and authority. They still like the man who repeatedly looks down at them and refuses to watch the league matches because they are boring and below standards, as Queiroz claims!

Explaining this mystery is the domain of conspiracy, controversy and exposing of untold secrets. It all depends on which side of the story one believes in. Objectivity and impartiality is a very difficult commodity in Iran’s football, so even by judging on the most logical side there is a risk that it is not the truth.

At the end, what really matters is Team Melli. People need to ask themselves whether it is healthy to keep a coach in his place despite his unwillingness to continue. Some even doubt that Queiroz wants to leave, especially after the revelation that someone has conned him out of 700,000 pounds. Is he playing a game or seeking more influence?


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