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Queiroz emphatically rejects suggestion that he continuing s with Team Melli and FFIRI

After a few days of drama not very dissimilar to a Bollywood movie, in which Kaffashian has opportunely announced that Queiroz has returned back to his job and will continue his duty with Team Melli, barring a few minor hurdles, Carlos Queiroz in a press conference this afternoon , rejected every claim made by Kaffashian and declared that he is unwilling to continue working with this federation. His only reason for being here is to resolve the issue of the contract.

“I am not willing to continue working with the federation after all the events that have occurred and I have submitted a friendly Resignation (!!) which was not accepted by Kaffashian. Now, we are trying to find other solutions to terminate the contract in an amicable manner.” Queiroz explained.

“Working for the federation because of a contract is one thing, and working from your heart and your soul is another. I have come to a definite conclusion that there is no use continuing to work for people who are trying to snare you and undermine your authority to the extent that I cannot even select my own team.”

Queiroz went on repeating his side of the story with a lot of drama. He once again accused unnamed persons for being detrimental to his job and enemy of Team Melli!  He directly accused the Manager of Team Melli of siphoning the federation’s money and practicing nepotism by inviting and sponsoring his relatives and friends during Team Melli foreign travels. He also accused the same Team Manger of wasting money on sponsoring “leader Fans“,  so that they chant his name during matches.

“When the time comes to my bonus or wages, this same person claims that the federation lacks financial resources. Of course,  because he spent it all on his relatives and those fans chanting his name.“ Queiroz alleged in a serious and direct accusation of corruption in Team Melli department.

Two managers of Team Melli worked with Queiroz during his time. Abbas Torabian and Mehdi Mohammad Nabi. The latter was ousted from the football federation while the former is still working in the FFIRI as the marketing director.

“I am very transparent and very honest. I am only here because I have felt that the true fans of Team Melli deserve and explanation.” Queiroz who failed to produce a single piece of evidence on his claims, concluded.

If there was some false hope by Kaffashian and some personnel of the Ministry of Youth and Sports , who have been surprisingly very active and vocal in their support for Queiroz lately, it has all but disappeared this Tuesday afternoon.

Queiroz will not leave Iran until Kaffashian releases him from his contract; else there will be severe penalties on the Portuguese coach. He also insinuated that if he is not released from his contract, he will work but under duress and force!

It will be interesting to see what will happen in the next few days as everyone involved in this theater is trying to protects his interest and appear to the public that he is the real hero and defendant of Team Melli.

Queiroz has sent many clear and veiled messages to Kaffashian as if to tell him “ What part of No , you don’t understand?” Kaffashian on his part , is known for his persistent bargaining and tolerance. It could be a long final episode.


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