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Allegations surrounding Queiroz!

The negotiations between FFIRI and Carlos Queiroz continued on Thursday but there was no resolution or progress on the intention of Queiroz to resign his job as head coach of Team Melli.

With each day passing more and more information are uncovered to indicate that there are much more behind the scene reasons for Queiroz sudden departure. Kaffashian has repeatedly mentioned that his administration is quite happy with Queiroz and there is a binding contract between the two parties until 2018. “We have not filed any complaints nor did we question him on anything. If we did not want him, we would not have signed with him after the World Cup. As far as we are concerned, he is still team Melli coach. If he insists to go , then we have to refer to the contract.” Kaffashian said.

If we did not want him, we would not have signed with him after the World Cup.

On Queiroz side , his reason for leaving is thought to be the opposition of some administrators in FFIRI who does not him to continue in his job. As feeble excuse as they come especially in business of football where coaches are sometimes faced with a barrage of protest and even profanity from the fans and the media. Nothing like that ever happened to Queiroz in Iran. On the contrary, the Portuguese coach is quite popular with the majority.

Kaffashian & Queiroz

Naturally, some inquisitive personnel sought the real story behind Queiroz abrupt decision to leave. The answer directed them to the question of Insiders Deals and corruption.

The rumors of corruption in FFIRI related to Carlos Queiroz contract has been doing the rounds in Tehran Newspapers offices amongst many other places. Some whistle blower(s) in FFIRI have apparently alerted the Ministry Of Youth and Sports officials that there was some foul play in the extension of the contract between FFIRI and Queiroz.

The Portuguese coach has publically announced that he is not renewing the contract with Iran after the World Cup and went as far as harshly criticizing the government and the officials in FFIRI of negligence and lack of support for Team Melli which rendered continuation of his job as impossible.

However, somehow Queiroz and Kaffashian came to terms and all that Queiroz badmouthing was water under the bridge and forgotten. Queiroz returned to coach Team Melli and his contract was extended up to 2018 World Cup. Suddenly and just before Team Melli’s departure to Austria , Queiroz indicated that he is resigning his post! His reason was claims of hostility and disrespect by some FFIRI officials that he cannot accept as being a healthy working environment for him. Kaffashian claims that Queiroz first talked about leaving 2 months earlier than that. It is difficult to believe where the truth lies.

The rumors about corruption was so strong which apparently forced the Minister of Youth and Sports to send his top security man to the recent negotiations between Kaffashian and Queiroz , which previously was thought to be a private meeting between the two without any one lese present.


A spokesperson for the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Maziyar Nazemi , claims that the person who was present in the meeting , Mr. Hassani Kho was delegated by the Minister himself to oversee the negotiation. When challenged that participation in an internal meeting is considered a direct interference by the government in the affairs of the Football Federation, Nazemi refuted such allegations by saying that the presence of Hassani Kho was requested by Kaffashian himself to give advice (…) and on the other hand, “Team Melli is the property of all the Iranians so we have a civil duty to protect the interest of the people. “ Nazemi claimed.

Mr. Hassani Kho is known to the FFIRI. He was the chief government minder who policed Team Melli squad in the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. “Mr. Hassani Kho is familiar with Queiroz as he was in Brazil with the team , so he was the most appropriate person to be in that meeting !”

Somehow that official version did not convince many of its authenticity. The presence of a high ranking Security personal in negotiations between Queiroz and Kaffashian cannot simply be as what Nazemi claimed. There has to be more to it than that and something more serious, was the thoughts of those seeking the truth.

It was found out that the whistleblower has alleged that Queiroz has agreed to re-sign with Iran after his contract expired, on several conditions. One such condition was to change the kit supplier from uhlsport GmbH to Addidas. Queiroz allegedly would be getting a commission on the number of kits supplied by the German famous Kit supplier Addidas!

Such allegation has prompted the Minister to send his security man as a minder and presumably to give the two a signal that the government has got long arms and watching for any signs of fouls play!

Queiroz in Bangkok Press conference.

On the same subject, uhlsport GmbH has sent a letter of protest to Ali Kaffashian after Nekounam allegation about the kits, made in the TV program Navad. The President of FFIRI confirmed the uhlsport’s complaint to the reporters and responded to the German Kits supplier that Nekounam is no longer a Team Melli player and he is not even playing in Iranian league, indication that the former Team Melli Captain is beyond the control of FFIRI now!

When confronted by a reporter today about allegations that Queiroz has demanded that official Team Melli kit supplier must be changed to Addidas, Kaffashian said “Queiroz is here was to discuss his future with Iran not the kit supplier.”

Interestingly enough, Kaffashian did not categorically deny Queiroz’s favoritism of Addidas nor did he comment on some journalist accusations that the Portuguese coach is an agent or a broker for the Kit manufacturer, Addidas!

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