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Queiroz slams the door in Kaffashian ‘s face , literally.

Carlos Queiroz left the offices of FFIRI in Seoul Street in anger after his meeting this morning with Ali Kaffashian. Queiroz refused to speak to the reporters on his departure from the building.

The meeting was supposed to discuss the mechanism of Carlos Queiroz’s resignation and the reaction of the FFIRI. Ali Kaffashian has publicly declared that his administration has not accepted Queiroz’s unilateral declaration of ending this binding contract and deems that to be unlawful!

Carlos Queiroz on his side is adamant on leaving while his objective of this meeting with Kaffashian alone was to finalize the settlement. Unsubstantiated rumors around FFIRI have indicated that Queiroz had put on the table some unfeasible to impossible demands for him to do a u turn on his resignations. The alleged demand is for Kaffashian to sack a number of FFIRI administrators that Queiroz does not like to work with!

Right after Queiroz left in anger, Kaffashian called upon Abbas Torabian for an emergency closed-door meeting to discuss the Queiroz issue. Torabian, who is credited in leading the negotiation for recruitment of Carlos Queiroz and succeeding in closing the deal with him, is currently in Portuguese coach bad books, hence he was not present with the Kaffashian during the meeting.

After the meeting , Torabian denied that Queiroz was the subject  of discussion “I have nothing to do with Queiroz’s case, our meeting was about UHLSports and marketing.”

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