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Islamian “We have not agreed to Queiroz resignation.”

The first Deputy President of FFIRI , Islamian has informed ISNA that the football federations management committee has not approved Carlos Queiroz resignations.

In a brief interview with the sports reporter of ISNA , the newly appointed Deputy President of FFIRI had a few points on the latest developments on Carlos Queiroz’s resignation.
“The final decision on the extending or terminating the contract of Team Melli coach is by the authority of the Executive Committee of FFIRI. It is at this level that such decisions are taken. This contract is a legally bound mutual agreement between two parties, the FFIRI and Carlos Queiroz. Terminating it before the end of the term requires mutual consent too. Both parties have to agree on it. At the federation we have not even discussed the issue yet; however there will be a meeting soon to hear the coach’s side of the argument. At the moment, it is Queiroz who has unilaterally decided to terminate the contract from his side. This act is neither professional nor ethical.”
On the reason for Queiroz apprehension and anger against Alireza Asadi after the meeting in which the Secretary General expressed some reservation on Queiroz  results and performances. Islamian commented:

“Whatever was said in that private meeting were views of an official of the FFIRI as he sees it. It was personal observation and views rather than decisions or verdicts. As I said, the final authority for the continuation or termination of a Team Melli coach lies with the Executive Committee. We are looking at the whole of football interest in Iran, not just one part. The Coach is one small part of the system, we take our decision for the interest of the whole football and our football is not just about one team and one coach. We need to improve in so many areas because if we do not do that , future  coaches of Team Melli and others will suffer and find difficulties executing their tasks.”

Islamian did not explicitly mention if the Contract permits one party to terminate the agreement under certain conditions (unilateral termination) , which Queiroz is basing his case upon.

Carlos Queiroz has publically announced his resignation while Kaffashian has repeatedly said that his administration is fully satisfied with Queiroz and sees no reason to terminate the contract.

Majority of Iranian fans support Queiroz and in different ways have expressed their rejection of his resignation.


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