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And let the Inquisition begins…

The defeat of Team Melli against Iraq and elimination from the AFC Asian Cup 2015 must have broken the heart of Millions of Iranian fans across the globe. There will be a lot of finger pointing on the return of the team, but there is no doubt where the lion share of the blame will be targeted at. It is none other than Mr. 4 Million Euro man coach Carlos Queiroz.

Under the pretext of supporting Team Melli in a major tournament, Queiroz demanded the full and unequivocal support of everyone, including the League clubs and their coaches whose programs have been rudely interrupted for 50 days because of Queiroz planning. Team Melli coach also received support from sceptics who were silenced involuntary fearing a backlash or being labeled as traitors to the cause at such a critical time for Team Melli.

Very few dared to publicly criticize Queiroz’s so obviously futile and dour defensive tactics in the media or in public. Those who did display some reservation did it mutely or in such a shy manner and even then, their viewpoints did not meet with major approvals. It was as if there was a universal plot against Team Melli success that everyone knew about, except the fans.

Vahid Amiri After missing the final spot kick

After this failure , the floodgates has opened. The sports media will have a field day and Queiroz will be under attack on many fronts that will be discussing or reviewing Team Melli matches The future of the Team Melli bench will be also be a hot topic.

Ultimately it is Kaffashian and his men who will decide the fate of Queiroz. The man recruited him and has a remarkable belief in him. After all, Carlos Queiroz has the highest resume of any previous coach of Team Melli. It was a great achievement indeed when Kaffashian managed to secure his services. After 4 years of winning nothing and breaking the hearts of millions, Kaffashian must come down to earth, face the realities and admit that the deal with Queiroz was not as brilliant as it seemed initially. But there is a major problem.

Kaffashian is not truly familiar with the term “Failure”. His definition of success and Failure is different than the rest. In fact we doubt that he has the word failure in his vocabulary. He will neither accept that his work and delivery is a failure nor will he accept any blame for Team Melli’s failures.  He already said it several times, that he will not resign his post even with early elimination of Team Melli in AFC Asian Cup 2015.

It will take an operation similar to the American Embassy seize in 1979 to take him out of the office. He is not going to budge an inch.

Then again, Carlos Queiroz himself might decide that it is not worth it. Luckily ,  his command of Persian Language is not so good , else the reading in the next few days of Iranian sport press would be in itself enough for him to jump ship.

Dejagah , Hajsafy & Azmoun

For what it’s worth, Queiroz had a marginal success in introducing three or four new faces in Team Melli in Asian Cup. This is one thing that the Portuguese coach must be credited for. But the big picture remains bleak and is the future of Team Melli under his command. His delivery has been poor and his rhetoric will not change anything anytime soon.

Interesting days ahead, because Queiroz had some great escapes before and is a tough survivor.

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