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Knowing Team Melli stars: Andranik Teymourian


Andranik_teymourian EsteghlalAndranik Teymourian affectionately known to the Iranian fans as “Ando”.

Teymourian is the holding midfield player  in both his club and Team Melli. Andranik Timotian-Samarani , the Tehran born Armenian-Iranian , started his football in the famous Ararat club of Tehran.  A club with a pedigree which has produced many top level footballers in Iran such As  Mansour Amirasefi ,  Garnik Mehrabian , Karo Haghverdian ,  Andranik Eskandarian, Vazgen Safarian,  , Mais Minasian , Markar Aghajanian, Edmond Akhtar,  Samson Petrosian,  Fred Malekian , Edmond Bezik and Ando’s own brother Serjik Teymourian. Many of them played for Team Melli and where champions.

Financial problems left Ararat in disarray and their football school has dried up with the team falling all the way to the third division.

Andranik had to leave Ararat to pursue his fortune somewhere else and the first professional club he played for was Abomolenm Khorassan. His remarkable display of football attracted the attention of many clubs, but it was he English club Bolton Wanderers who managed to lure him into the English Premiere league in 2006 where he played 20 matches and scored two goal before moving on to Fulham. His stay in London was brief and after a loan period with Barnsley, Ando returned back to Iran where he played for Tractorsazi for a season , then Esteghlal , Al Kharaitiyat in Qatar before returning to Esteghlal.

From the onset of his career, Teymourian was all guts and bravery. He has never feared a challenge, never went into a tackle halfhearted and never gave anything less than 100% for his team. His dedication, commitment and  valor won him many admirers. A true fighter whose stamina is second to none. Despite being a gentleman with exemplary demeanor outside the game and fans favorite for his love to mingle with them, sign autographs and chat, when it comes to playing football Ando is a different character. A “Lion heart” who has time and again displayed a fearless attitude in the most difficult circumstances.  The tough tackling midfielder is not all bravery though , as he has ample skills,  exceptional ability for close marking,  robustness, and exceptional ability to turn into a pseudo striker  on counters with his vicious strike producing some spectacular long range goals. The ones against Bahrain and against Burriram of Thailand were momentous and unforgettable.ando EZA5547

If there is a player in Team Melli that has no fear of any player in the World, it has to be Ando “Lionherat” Teymourian.

Although Ando’s role as a defensive midfielder is not a glamorous one, his work rate and situational awareness makes him an essential and highly important part of Team Melli. He has a vital role to play in FIFA World Cup 2014. He is probably one of the most underrated players in the team. The tough marking Midfielder is an inspiration for Iran, an inspiration that is needed at the highest level of football.

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