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Calros Queiroz storms out of the Press conference.

Carlos Queiroz
Carlos Queiroz


After the conclusion of the first practice session of Team Melli on Wednesday , a press conferee was held by Carlos Queiroz attended by a large number of reporters. The Portuguese coach welcomed the reporters to the conference and emphasized the importance of theses coming few weeks where Team Melli will have three important matches which will decide its fortune and whether it will have a place in the World Cup finals in Brazil. Queiroz also pointed out that he is glad that the media has realized the importance of the team preparation and news and said that the large number of media personnel in this press conference is indicative of the importance of the next few weeks to the Iranian public.

After the welcome note , Queiroz said that all the facilities were provided for the squad and training has started in a good spirit with the support of the football federation. He also added in preparation for the camp in UAE has been, everything is going according to plan and no problems has been reported so far.

Questions from reporters started by mentioning the fate of Ali Karimi. Queiroz replied “ With all due respect to a player like Karimi ,  who has a special place in my heart and without whom the team, would not have progressed so far, my focus and concentration is on the players that are available for me right now and who will do the job against the opposing teams such players like Rahman Ahmadi , Shojaa Khalilzadeh and Haghighi. I really have no time to think about Ali Karimi at this stage”

Asked by another reporter if Mehdi Rahmati will be pardoned and accepted back in the team if he submits a written apology , Visibly irritated Queiroz responded “I want you all to note that today is the 15th of June 2012 and we do not have much time until the first crucial match against Qatar. All my efforts are focused on the players in the training camp. If you want to talk about these players, then I will happy to oblige. I am not going to talk about the past nor turn my attention to trivial matters.  If you keep on like that we will reach a stage where you will start talking about Bagheri and Daei. I really don’t know what is going on with the press but you have to believe that we are under pressure and have to focus. I have no time to waste on these matters you are referring to.”

 Despite such straight and emphatic talking , the Iranian press continued such line of questioning unabated and insisted on asking about Ali Karimi and Mehdi Rahmati and whether they will be called to Team Melli.

Carlos Queiroz left the press conference in protest, never to come back.

 This is not the first time that Queiroz has stormed out of a press conference in protest against the media’s line of questioning that Queiroz does not think is appropriate.  Despite his efforts to accommodate the sensational and controversy seeking Iranian media, Queiroz has found it difficult to come in terms with media that reflects another downside of the country’s football.


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