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Calros Queiroz categorically denies any telephone converstaion with Maradona!

In a surprise announcement, the Portuguese coach of Team Melli, Carlos Queiroz categorically denied any conversation occurring between himself and coach of Al Wasl club , Diego Maradona. The Argentine coach has claimed that Queiroz has verbally abused him and has been disrespectful towards him during a telephone conversation between them on the subject of release of Iranian player Mohammad Reza Khalatbari for a club match in Dubai.

Carlos Queiroz issued an official statement though the Iranian Football Federation in which he regretted the accusation that has been published in the media and denied any such conversation occurring between him and Maradona and furthermore, he had no discussion or conversation with any Al Wasl club officils regarding the player’s release or any other matters.

Queiroz was surprised by such claims circling in the media and insisted that he does not believe that Maradona would go on record claiming that such an conversation has occurred , which is far from truth.

Earlier press reports have claimed that Maradona was upset by Queiroz attitude towards him when Maradona asked for Khalabari’s release. Related post

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Maradona claims Queiroz abuse.

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